ADHD Resources

Vyvanse helps control ADHD symptoms. That’s it. The rest is up to you. Check out tips, tools, and organizations on this site to help you make tasks more manageable, maybe even a little more fun.

A total treatment plan for ADHD

Your doctor may use ADHD medication as part of your total treatment plan, which may include counseling and other therapies.

ADHD Education

  • Offered by the doctor, counselor, or other individual.
  • Designed to help you better understand ADHD and how it affects your behavior.

Skills Training

  • Try organizations like CHADD
  • Designed to help you apply tips to real-life situations
  • Can help you with getting organized, managing time, and social skills

ADHD Counseling

  • May include ADHD education, skills training, or talk therapy
  • May be more effective when provided real-time in real-life scenarios
  • Can provide support beyond ADHD

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